ISAGA 2007  -  Organizing and Learning through Gaming and Simulation - 9-13 July 2007  -  Nijmegen  The Netherlands        ISAGA 2007  -  Organizing and Learning through Gaming and Simulation - 9-13 July 2007  -  Nijmegen  The Netherlands

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Game building for War Child

With respect to the theme of the conference: "learning by doing", it is our intention to call on the expertise of participants from over 20 different countries to work together on building a game for an internationally operating humanitarian organization during the conference. At the end of the conference we will hand over the game to representatives of this organization.
We are proud to announce that War Child will act as the 'client' for this initiative. War Child is an international organization that helps children who are victim of armed conflicts anywhere in the world, irrespective of children's religious, ethnical, social or cultural background. By investing in children's mental and social wellbeing War Child lays the foundation for a peaceful future.
Click here to read the Leading Principles and Operational Guidelines of War Child.
For more information on the War Child Methodology activate click here.

Focus and objectives

The War Child approach is empowerment of children by strengthening protective factors and diminishing risk factors, e.g. establish constructive coping mechanisms within the child, adult support, peer interaction, sense of normalcy and future prospect, safety and peace. War Child has specified the following assignment for us:
  • The game should focus on the core mission of War Child:
    Strengthening psychosocial wellbeing of children in (post) conflict situations. War Child aims at enhancing the normal development of children and the prevention of future disorders.
  • The game should establish and reinforce the core values of War Child in minds and behavior of War Child staff, both local and (inter)national, preferably on all levels of operations.
  • The game should help internalize these values, and make staff more skillful in using and developing methods and approaches that are beneficial to children in post conflict situations.
In various documents War Child has addressed these issues. These documents have been made available to ISAGA2007.

Conditions and constraints

  • Potential tension exists between factors of children's psychosocial well-being as perceived by War Child, and local attitudes and beliefs. Therefore, the game should be open to explore these tensions in such a way that we find a balance between (western) normative generalization and too much political correctness toward local traditions and beliefs.
  • Accordingly, dilemma's that arise during the game may become the object of debriefing, thus enlightening workable strategies in particular local circumstances.
  • Although the primary target group for the game is War Child staff, both local and (inter)national, it would be welcome if, with slight variations and/or simplifications, children could be involved as well.
  • The game should not take a lot of effort to put together and to perform; so no thick pack of complicated rules that necessitate much preparation.
  • The focus should be on developing game mechanisms that are not too verbal, and that allow for input of players.
  • Simple does not necessarily mean easy. The game should be challenging, and open to input of players, thus facilitating correspondence with players' experience and context: frames of reference and culture. Preferably, the game is a frame game that may be adapted for different levels and countries/situations.
  • Most important, it should be fun to do.
This is a most challenging assignment for ISAGA participants, and we hope that many will contribute and assist to "keep the customer satisfied".
Those of you who are interested in joining us in our efforts are kindly requested to contact us beforehand. Of course people may also join in during the week.
For a detailed schedule of the game building session click here.
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