ISAGA 2007  -  Organizing and Learning through Gaming and Simulation - 9-13 July 2007  -  Nijmegen  The Netherlands        ISAGA 2007  -  Organizing and Learning through Gaming and Simulation - 9-13 July 2007  -  Nijmegen  The Netherlands

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Assessing the proposals for Thematic sessions


An overview of the aspects we take into consideration while assessing the proposals for thematic sessions



                Are the formal requirements, as formulated on the website, met? If not, it is not possible to assess the proposal.

       The proposal should contain:

o      the title of the thematic session

o      who will prepare and chair this session (the chair person(s))

o      a short description of the theme of the session

o      key words indicating your session (minimal three)

o      the relevance of this session for the g&g society, or stated differently, why do you organize this session and what do you expect from it

o      the objectives for the audience: what may participants of your session expect to learn from joining this session, or stated differently, why do you think people should participate in this session.


                The content

       is the subject clear?

       is the objective clear?

       is the objective relevant for the g&s body of knowledge?

       to what degree do we consider this proposal to be innovative?

       does the subject fit with the conference theme?

                The procedures

       are the proposed procedures clear?

       are the proposed procedures practicable?

       do the proposed procedures invite and challenge the audience to active participation?

       will the subject be elaborated / discussed from several perspectives?

       is there enough time reserved for debate and for drawing conclusions?

       are the 'deliverables' of the session clearly formulated?

                The target audience

       is the session meant for a broad audience, or is it for a specific target group?

       is the session attractive for a broad audience?

                The organizer chair(s)

       what role does the chair see for him/herself: a convenor who will invite contributors or a facilitator who offers the opportunity for others to subscribe

       is the chair an 'expert' on the subject, does he/she have a network of potential contributors?





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