ISAGA 2007  -  Organizing and Learning through Gaming and Simulation - 9-13 July 2007  -  Nijmegen  The Netherlands        ISAGA 2007  -  Organizing and Learning through Gaming and Simulation - 9-13 July 2007  -  Nijmegen  The Netherlands

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Guidelines and procedures
for your final paper

Deadline for submitting the final paper:

  • Full papers that are submitted before June 1 2007 will be published on the cd-rom that will be handed out at the beginning of the conference.
    These papers will also be available on the website: they can be read or downloaded.

Formatting criteria:

  • The papers will be put on the cd-rom in the same way as you submit them. No editing or formatting is done by the paper committee.
  • The maximum size of a paper is 4000 words.
  • In order to get uniformity in the papers we recommend you to use the template Word file (template for papers isaga2007.doc). This file will help you to format the paper. We recommend you to use this file. In this file the recommended formatting style of the document is elaborated.

Submitting your final paper:

After you have finalized your paper you can submit it to the organizing committee. This submitting is done through the website.
  • Submit your paper either as a pdf-file (recommended) or as a Word file.
  • Use the website to submit your paper:
    • open
    • go to "Forms & Overviews"
    • click on the link "Update documents"
    • enter your registration code
      (nb only the person who has submitted the proposal can upload the final paper)
    • if you have submitted more papers: select the appropriate paper
    • check "final version"
    • fill in the name of the file to be uploaded
    • press the Upload button.

The conference proceedings:

In addition to the cd-rom with the final papers, there will be conference proceedings in the form of a book. The editors of these proceedings (Igor Mayer and Hanneke Mastik) will select papers to be included in the proceedings; the criteria will be the excellent quality of the paper and the extent to which they fit the theme and purpose of the book. Probably there will be additional requirements for these papers, but they will be communicated after the conference.          |         ISAGA2007 - PO Box 31006 - 6503 CA Nijmegen - The Netherlands          |         Powered by dWise