ISAGA 2007  -  Organizing and Learning through Gaming and Simulation - 9-13 July 2007  -  Nijmegen  The Netherlands        ISAGA 2007  -  Organizing and Learning through Gaming and Simulation - 9-13 July 2007  -  Nijmegen  The Netherlands

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News and Facts about ISAGA2007

July 3, 2007
SYNTENS, business innovation network, helps entrepreneurs in innovating their business. It is supported by the Dutch Department of Economic Affairs.
SYNTENS supports the ISAGA2007 Conference by facilitating two Open Space sessions.
In one session a number of entrepreneurs from smallsized business will state their need for support on specific topics; in a discussion with game designers their needs will be clarified and the possibilities to help them with gaming simulations will be examined.
In the other session a meeting is arranged between gaming experts and persons who want to stimulate older (and growing demented) persons to improve their physical abilities. Games and gaming simulation may be excellent means to help this specific group of elderly people.
SYNTENS organizes these sessions and will facilitate the discussion between the entrepreneurs and the gaming experts.

May 18, 2007
It is our intention to design a game during the conference for an internationally operating humanitarian organisation.
We are proud to announce that War Child will act as the ‘client’ for this initiative. War Child will specify requirements, objectives and conditions for a game. At the end of the conference we will hand the game over to representatives of War Child.
War Child is an International organisation that helps children who are victim of armed conflicts anywhere in the world. By investing in their mental and social well-being War Child lays the foundation for a peaceful future. For more information on War Child’s objectives and examples of its projects see the site.
May 9, 2007
As you might have noticed, the appearance of the website has been changed. The location of the functions and information, however, have remained the same.
The broad outline of the conference program has been drawn up.
For the themes and a characterization of the conference days see the program page.
April 24, 2007
It is possible to submit a paper until June 1st, 2007.
Paper proposals submitted before this date will be included in the Conference book.
Full papers and extended abstracts submitted before that date will be included in the cd-rom with papers.
For additional information see "Papers and Proceedings".
March 2007
The conference will be opened on Monday July 9, 2007 by the Mayor of the City of Nijmegen, Mr. Thom de Graaf
At this moment the organization committee is engaged in reading and assessing the paper proposals. Contributors will be notified before April 1.
By the beginning of March, 82 persons have registered as a conference participant. They come from 16 different countries.

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